Justice League #1

I wasn’t initially going to review Justice League, until it became apparent that, if I’m reviewing Teen Titans for Red Robin and Suicide Squad for Harley and Deadshot, then I should probably review the biggest title carrying the biggest of the Bat-Folk, Batman himself.

The action starts five years ago, Batman is being hunted by the police in a couple of helicopters whilst pursuing an unknown masked man across the rooftops of Gotham.  As the police shoot at Batman , he turns to throw a couple of smoke bombs at the helicopters, then fires the Bat-line into the leg of his prey, pulling himself across the rooftops and knocking the person to the ground.  As Batman begins to be gins to question the fallen man it is revealed that the person isn’t human, but some kind of robot.  A blast comes from it’s mouth knocking Batman back as it pulls itself upright, revealing it’s true form.  Just as it’s about to begin it’s assault, there’s a flash of green light and green fire truck materialises out of nowhere, seemingly destroying the robot.  This is of course, courtesy of the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).  It becomes clear that the two haven’t yet met, when GL exclaims “Batman?  YOU’RE REAL?” Batman responds by saying that GL is too bright and to turn down his light before they see them.  But it’s too late, the police helicopters have already spotted them.  As the police shoot at them GL creates a barrier made of three spectral riot guards and explains to Batman that nothing can penetrate the force field.  However, from behind, the robotic attacker, now complete with wings, knocks GL off his feet, before firing another blast that destroys one of the police helicopters.  As they come crashing towards the rooftop, GL conjures up a group of bats to catch the various parts.  The robot has now changed shape again, this time into a massive bug-like form and is tearing through Gotham.  Batman tells GL to go home to Coast City, but GL informs him that the entire Space Sector falls under his jurisdiction.  He goes on to say that he was alerted to an unauthorised extraterrestrial presence in Gotham. Batman then explains that the thing had tried plant a bomb.  Now we get a little banter between the two as GL says there’s nothing he can’t handle and then starts trying to pin down what Batman’s super-power is, when he keeps hitting dead-ends he realises, to his horror, that Batman is “just a guy in a bat costume”.

With the two now in Gotham’s sewer, their banter continues with Batman easily removing GL’s ring figuring out that it relies on concentration and that Hal wasn’t concentrating when he took it from him.  Just as GL is about to attack Batman, he grabs him and pushes him to a wall.  Just ahead the bug droid is setting a cube-like device into the wall of the sewer.  The cube makes a ping noise and Lantern assumes that it’s just armed a bomb. As he rushes out the droid turns to him and screams “FOR DARKSEID” and explodes.  Lantern quickly constructs a “safe” around Batman and himself.  As the fire passes, the two look at the cube that the droid has planted.  Lantern’s ring can’t identify it which concerns GL.  Batman claims it looks more like an alien computer than a bomb.  GL asks if it could be “connected to that guy in Metropolis?’ and with that they decide to visit “the Superman”, with GL confident that Superman’s power won’t be a problem for him.

We cut briefly to a football game (of the american kind).  Here we see a kid, Vic Stone, score a touchdown, before looking up into the crowd to see an empty seat that says “reserved” on it.  At the end of the game a group of coaches are in the office all shouting about what they’ll offer this kid to come to their college.  Meanwhile Vic Stone is outside talking to his father’s answering machine, it’s clear his father isn’t coming tonight (again).  Outside a group of youths notice a green jet passing over, and one of the kids mentions that Vic’s father studies superheroes.

The jet lands/dissolves at a Lexcorp demolition site.  There’s a large circular hole that GL walks towards whilst explaining that his ring is like a GPS for alien lifeforms, and that it has led them straight to Superman.  As Batman tries to warn Lantern of the apparent danger, saying the hole shows evidence of a fight, GL places Batman in a green box saying he’s going to go in and restrain Superman for questioning.  The next panel shows Lantern being hurled back through the entrance to the hole by a blue and red bolt.  The figure stops in front of Batman and asks, “so, what can you do?”

Geoff Johns delivers a very good starting point for those who are new to Justice League, whilst keeping those of us who aren’t entertained.  Jim Lee’s artwork is, as usual amazing and I hope he keeps going with this title for some time.

Really god first issue, certainly one of my favourites.  Looking forward to issue 2

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